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My name is S.R. Ferrara and I am the co-creator of Folklor Long Island. As a professional historical archaeologist and paleoethnobotanist, I started this site with my fiancé to distract myself during the monotonous periods of my doctorate studies. I was born and raised on the South Shore of Long Island and have always been interested in the more obscure history of my neighborhood. This space is dedicated to sharing some of my research on Long Island folklore and offering my community unique merchandise so that others can display their love for all that is spooky and weird here on our Island.



My name is Tara Gruber and I am the co-creator of Folklor Long Island. My fiancé and I started this site to offer our community a new way to share local spooky folkloric stories and promote new creative ways to express yourselves. Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember and being able to embrace and share my own spooky interests with my community is certainly rewarding. I hope you enjoy the content and merchandise we offer and please contact us with any concerns or ideas you may have!

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