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Long Island has a very unique history of spooky encounters and bone-chilling locations that are weaved into our collective heritage. Here at Folklor Long Island, we believe that this particular type of heritage connects us as a community. It is our memories from visiting these spooky locations that reassures us we are brave and encourages us to face our fears. On this page, you will find a collection of products featuring different spooky Long Island landmarks for purchase, as well as a blog with weekly posts focused on various local folklore and how to visit these locations. We want to welcome you to this new site and hope you stay with us while we grow as both a business and an archive for Long Island’s spooky folklore.


We are a Veteran and Woman owned business rooted right here on Long Island.


Co-Founder Scott Ferrara is a professional archaeologist and expert in Long Island history and folklore. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Archaeology, Scott has excavated many areas on Long Island and throughout the world. Some of his research will be shared in our "Stories" section. 


Co-founder Tara Ferrara, is a Registered Nurse and halloween-aficionado who has ventured to every "haunted" location on Long Island. Tara has been serving the community as a healthcare worker for the last 7 years and cares deeply about the people on Long Island. Tara's photography and experiences can be seen and read in our "Stories" section. 

Our mascot, Scout, is a 3 year old mixed breed "Sato" dog rescue from Puerto Rico. Scout can be spotted at beaches and cemeteries throughout Long Island, chasing shadows and barking into the abyss. 

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